Monster Siege

Build 1.5 - Limited Beta Testing
This game was created with no planning or design specs, and was intended to just be a free expression of game development. This approach allowed the game to be developed faster from scratch, and it appears to have potential. However, after a point in development it was identified that more complex mechanics are needed to give it a depth of strategy. The focus of this game is resource management, identifying weapon / base synergies and risk.
Feedback from beta testing will shape future builds of this game starting from Build 1.7.
- Basic story
- Pre-set bosses
- Base and tech tree upgrades

Build 1.6 - In Progress
In the next update we'll look at adding randomly generated bosses, which is where the game will truly begin. Once you don't know the exact weaknesses of an enemy, it tests your base configuration and approach to upgrades.
There are plenty of minor bug fixes, and the cooldown abilities have been improved further in terms of balancing and scaling.
- Continuation of story
- Random bosses, minimal difficulty tuning
- Refinements to tech tree upgrades
- Additional ground forces

Image of development Image of development Image of game play
Image of development Image of game play Image of game play

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